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What We Do ✨

Connect, Network and plan great in-person events & meetups.

Valencia Nomads is a thriving community of digital nomads, ambitious creatives, recently-settled foreigners and fun locals of all ages, orientations & nationalities who are excited to make new friendships, connections and networking opportunities. Our sought-after events and vibrant online and in-person community truly help make Valencia, Spain feel like home.

Why join our community❓

Valencia Nomads is a community of likeminded nomads, expats, entrepreneurs, creatives from all around the world, now living and working in Valencia 🇪🇸

  • JOIN US FOR FREE and connect with over 2900 likeminded Nomads. 
  • Start chatting and joining the meet-ups and events our members share. 
  • Ask any question about bureaucracy or finding accommodation and get your questions answered in minutes. 
  • Find your tribe with the 60+ TELEGRAM GROUPS. You will find them on our channel  and we usually post them frequently. 
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Our Goals and purpose ✨


We want to help make your time here in Valencia fun and as easy as possible. We encourage our community to be this for each other as well!


We seek to provide the greatest in-person network and digital nomad community Valencia has ever seen, and enable all our members to make brilliant new connections in order to grow personally and professionally.


Our events, platforms and experiences are perfect opportunities to reciprocate information and build close, supportive relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions🤔

Yes. We welcome you to create subgroups and we can add them to our list. In order to create a subgroup send us a message with the idea of the group in order to get approval. This is to avoid any replicas.

Our main language is English but there’s also Spanish speakers along with Italian, Russian and many more.

Join our main telegram group. You will find our other groups there.

We are also on meetup! 😃